Big Eyes Coin, BNB, and Ethereum: Three of Crypto’s Best ICO’s

Big Eyes Coin, BNB, and Ethereum: Three of Crypto’s Best ICO’s

Big Eyes Coin is Booming Before it’s Begun

Out of the tokens mentioned here, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the only one still offering a presale through the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200. You can expect a 200% bonus when checking out. BIG has officially made a name for itself through one of the most lucrative presale opportunities in crypto history. Now in stage ten, they’ve already hit a total of $20.2M in investments and aim to grow that number to $50M!

There are several great reasons to invest in this coin. Holders have access to interesting benefits that come with BIG’s strong sense of community and social responsibility. BIG’s variety of offerings make it unique and a true asset. A few of these include NFTs, Big Eyes Swap, merchandise. After appearing on a 3D billboard in NYC, their sales have surged even more, making this coin destined to increase in value. The presale is a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy low and make a substantial profit.

The Binance Coin Sells All Reserved Coins in ICO

The Binance coin (BNB) is known for being used to trade on the Bincance cryptocurrency exchange, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. BNB holds one of the most successful ICO (Initial coin offers) sales which took place from June 26 – July 3rd in 2017 and sold for $0.15. During that time, they raised $15M worth of tokens. Investors who have held onto their tokens since 2017 have made an ROI of 2000X and those who invested at BNB’s peak, made one of over 4,000X. BNB reserved 100M of their tokens for their ICO coin offerings, all of which they sold. During the ICO, the crypto token was sold at the price of 2,700 BNB for 1 ETH or 20,000 BNB for 1 BTC.

The Ethereum Token Sale

The Ethereum coin (ETH) is not only the second-largest digital currency by Coin Market Cap, but also known for its amazing ICO results. Their ICO ran between July 2014 and lasted until September 2014, around a year before their launch in 2015. Over $60M ETH tokens were bought by investors who exchanged their Bitcoin coins for ETH at a ratio of 2,000 ETH to 1 BIC. Obtaining growth towards the end of the sale, the value of ETH increased to 1,337 ETH per BTC. Selling at $0.03 per token, in total they raised $18.30M and they launched with $72 millions tokens and  $60M belonged to ICO investors. Overall, 31,500 BIT’s were raised. On Etheruem’s 42 day ICO, its designated wallet received one of the highest number of transactions from different wallets in crypto history. They received 6,600 transactions, and they were all from different wallets! Similar to BIG, Ethereum’s ICO price was also very low, which is why investors saw some of the largest ROI’s in the crypto currency market.

Initial coin offers serve as a great opportunity for investors to make a great deal of ROI. As purchasing a token in its early stages is sometimes seen as a higher risk, the world of crypto is never fully stable and ICO are the lowest some of the highest value coins will ever be.

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