Crypto News – JasmyCoin News Intensifies, Bitcoin Holds Its Ground, Avorak AI Begins ICO

Crypto News – JasmyCoin News Intensifies, Bitcoin Holds Its Ground, Avorak AI Begins ICO

As Bitcoin maintains its position as the most popular cryptocurrency, news around JasmyCoin has been increasing significantly. At the same time, Avorak, a new project in the crypto space, is launching its initial coin offering (ICO), contributing to the expanding cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin holds its ground

Bitcoin (BTC), which was created in 2009, still remains the leading cryptocurrency in market capitalization, adoption, and recognition. Despite the volatility in its value over the years, Bitcoin has shown remarkable resilience and continues to hold its ground as the most popular cryptocurrency.

Many institutions and companies have embraced Bitcoin, leading to increased mainstream adoption. While BTC faces competition from other cryptocurrencies, its position as the first and most established digital currency has allowed it to maintain its dominance in the market.

What is JasmyCoin?

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is an Ethereum-based utility token that can be used on the Jasmy platform. It was launched on the Japanese exchange BITPoint Japan on October 26, 2021.

The Jasmy platform enables users to control the use of their personal data in a safe and secure way. The platform has combined blockchain and internet of things (IoT) technology to develop comprehensive solutions for users across all industries and locations. Jasmy aims to enhance the security and convenience of data sharing while fostering a democratic decision-making environment in a decentralized society.

Jasmy users are awarded JASMY tokens for sharing their data and information. By not limiting JASMY’s usability, it may be used for a wide range of purposes. Jasmy staking was introduced on exchanges like and Binance, increasing the token’s use cases.

Avorak AI begins ICO

Avorak, a pioneer blockchain-powered AI platform, begins its ICO in March 2023. The blockchain ecosystem is revolutionizing many industries, and it clearly holds tremendous potential for the recently booming AI technology. Avorak AI is providing a revolutionary approach to trading, image creation, text generation, and so much more by offering AI services through the blockchain. This has sparked a great deal of discussion about this new project and what it has to offer.

The Avorak ecosystem

Avorak is an AI ecosystem that uses artificial intelligence to streamline tasks. The network is powered by the AVRK token, which serves as a payment token for acquiring credits or subscribing to Avorak AI services.

Holding AVRK will guarantee a share of the revenue made from the Avorak AI services. In addition, long-term investors will be able to use the ‘Share Increase’ staking option in the first year, which allows the AVRK holders to lock their tokens for up to 12 months for a share of the last publicly available non-LP AVRK tokens.


With so much activity and advancements, it remains to be seen which cryptocurrencies will come out on top in the months and years ahead. However, BTC, AVRK, and JASMY have the potential to still be around in the future.

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