Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $7 Million, Prepares For Early Launch With 2 CEX Listings Confirmed

Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $7 Million, Prepares For Early Launch With 2 CEX Listings Confirmed

London, England, Friday 25 November 2022 – Crypto intel platform and trading signals Trade 2 Trade attracted the attention of many investors after raising $7 million in a little more than a month.

With investor momentum building, the main offering – coin intelligence, on-chain analytics, and signal dashboard – ready to launch, coupled with an early product development roadmap and a queue of trading platforms that will enter the token list, Dash 2 Trade is a project in the right place in right time.

Hard cap is revised as product development is ahead of schedule

As a result, the hard cap target was lowered to $13.4 Million by ending stage 4. The team had two main reasons for reducing the hard cap.

First, the main presale analytics dashboard is ahead of its development schedule, which means that the rollout can continue, and the investment funds raised in the presale will be used for direct marketing purposes.

Second, and allied to the first reason, changing market conditions mean that the Dash 2 Trade product is just what retail investors need now to do their due diligence in light of the FTX disaster.

As explained in more detail below, market downturns come with opportunities, and Dash 2 Trade wants to seize them.

The new target means that more than 50% of hard cover has now been achieved as momentum continues towards the closure milestone.

In addition, in a major success for Dash 2 Trade, the project has received commitments from two exchanges – LBank and BitMart – to list D2T tokens shortly after the presale ends.

With these developments, the Dash 2 Trade team has concluded that there is no time to lose to bring a professional grade dashboard terminal to the market as this is the ideal market for the testing period for crypto.

To that end, the presale dashboard beta will be launched in the next few weeks, and the presale will end sooner than scheduled. The beta will allow users to start testing the first button feature on the dashboard.

Dash 2 Trade announced the appointment of a new chief technician

Due to its provenance and team of experienced pro traders, quantitative analysts, and blockchain developers, Dash 2 Trade has the knowledge and an intimate feel of the market insights and intelligence that retail traders need to be successful.

So, in another win for the project, Dash 2 Trade can today announce that its new chief technology officer Ilyes Kooli will join the team as the project further refines its offering to optimize the ever-evolving requirements of customers in the fast-growing crypto asset class . premises.

Kooli was previously a technical team leader at ConsenSys. ConsenSys is an Ethereum-focused blockchain lab and incubator and is arguably the industry leader.

He is also a lead software engineer on the CocoLabs e-commerce framework services project and a senior software engineer on the Cobania machine learning platform. Kooli has been at the forefront of crypto development for the past few years.

Now Kooli will turn his talents to the task of leading a team in the construction of a best-of-breed product that targets an addressable market of $830 billion (the total market of cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarketcap).

Two exchanges have confirmed to list D2T tokens

In another boon for the project, a centralized exchange listing has been lined up for D2T as proof of the project’s solid foundation, so there’s no need to worry about carpet pulling or other nefarious activities.

More than that, though, having exchanges such as LBank and on the Board at this early stage means that there will be more than enough liquidity to be a price support for what is highly likely to be a strong public opening.

Far from returning its ambitions, Dash 2 Trade wants to speed up its time to market by moving forward with the fundraising deadline and recalibrating the hard cap target to end at the stage 4 target.

Currently, in stage 3 of 9 planned stages, D2T tokens are priced at $0.0513 in the presale, and will rise to $0.0533 in stage 4, which will now be the last stage of this interesting presale.

As a result, instead of 700 million tokens for the fundraising of $40 million, Dash 2 Trade is now providing 262,500,000 D2T tokens for presale for the target of raising a total of $13,420,000.

Tokens no longer allocated for the presale (437,500,000) will be locked for five years.

The catastrophic loss suffered by 1 million FTX customers is a tragedy for all concerned, but as in all financial markets, capital destruction creates conditions for rejuvenation.

The presale analytics dashboard is almost ready for launch

This is a new situation that Dash 2 Trade will implement for the benefit of retail traders and investors.

Dash 2 Trade, certainly not in a position to advance the regulatory changes necessary to rid the space of bad actors, but can provide tools, analytics, and signals for a safe and profitable route to return-beating the market.

Fortunately, even before the fundraising has closed, Dash 2 Trade is in the exciting position of having a product ready for launch, in the form of a state-of-the-art dashboard terminal – a Bloomberg Terminal for crypto traders, if you will.

At a time when traders and investors are hungry for tools that will help them safely look for the huge profit opportunities that have now opened up in the crypto market, the agile team at Dash 2 Trade is in the fortunate position of being able to play. to a compressed roadmap product delivery schedule.

The Dash 2 Trading Team has discovered an important and important corner of the crypto market in terms of diligence in presale coins, where research is difficult and time-consuming for ordinary investors and traders.

Dash 2 Trade’s unique Dash Score presale and ICO rating system will be the only one in the research market to offer this alpha-seeking and secure feature.

This is the part of the crypto market where smart professional traders operate to secure extraordinary returns on their investments.

Reopen the Dash 2 Trade website showing the dashboard

The updated website has been launched. The new design puts emphasis on showing off the presale analytics dashboard with attractive images and soft white background framing.

New features that will be useful to prospective investors include a competition matrix to compare and contrast Dash 2 Trade’s comprehensive feature set, which explains why it is the choice of traders.

The roadmap is now more clearly laid out, quickly showing what has been done and where the team is on the roadmap.

The ‘Meet the Team’ section has LinkedIn links for all team members, so everyone is doxxed, while official partners, Learn 2 Trade, now clearly displayed with Trustpilot ratings.

Finally, the most important D2T token contract addresses are displayed in plain text and with a link to the etherscan explorer page: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4Dd942bAa75810a3C1E876e79d5cD35E09C97A76

A new top community manager joins the team

In another project development, the new community manager Trevor M they are joining the team.

Trevor is a video producer for Coinmarketcap and a prolific YouTuber for three years.

He is a graduate of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and will work to develop the project’s social media channels, messaging, and video content.

His experience built on crypto data, analytics, and the industry-leading community portal Coinmarketcap, will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to the project.

Trevor’s talents will be instrumental in helping the adoption of Dash 2 Trade through the creation and distribution of compelling content.

They will also be responsible for keeping community members up-to-date on project news and developments.

After FTX, the crypto landscape has changed and Dash 2 Trade is the perfect market

Although the collapse of FTX has affected the mood of the crypto market as a whole, it has also opened up a profitable vector that has been closed for the past few years.

It was the entry of Chicago proprietary trading firms such as Jump, DRW, Wolverine, and others that eliminated the bulk price inefficiencies that once characterized the crypto market.

Now everything has changed. These giant companies have exited the market, many with hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars stuck in bankrupt FTX wallets, or worse, stolen or lost.

Consequently, the new climate that places a premium on the provision of toolkits, research, and signals that retail traders and investors are now demanding means that platforms like Dash 2 Trade will shine even brighter.

Highly investable projects open profit centers in the new crypto landscape

Unlike many crypto projects, Dash 2 Trade is ready for the new digital asset landscape that will now place an emphasis on building and delivering revenue and profits to investors.

Venture capital support and an experienced team that has proven its business acumen by building a community of 70,000 traders on Learn 2 Trade, where many have honed their skills, puts Dash 2 Trade head and shoulders above crypto projects.

Also, thanks to seed venture capital (VC) funding of up to $200,000, Dash 2 Trade has been able to move forward in the past few months by building a minimal product dashboard terminal that is now ready for beta launch.

Existing VC support and the advanced stage of product development make the project a target for further investment from VC sources, such as family offices, private equity, and, for example, the $1 billion special investment vehicle that Binance has put together.

Integrated trading intelligence with actionable signals beats the competition

Dash 2 Trade builds an integrated system that includes everything the competition offers and more.

So, while Cryptohopper includes backtesting, like Dash 2 Trade, it lacks the curated trading signals, live market, and social sentiment analysis, presale, and ICO scoring system, risk profile, news feed, and trading competition that Dash 2 Trade has. brings to the table.

Conversely, competitors such as Cointelegraph Markets Pro may have social sentiment analysis and list alerts but lack automated trading features, broker API support, or a presale monitoring system like Dash 2 Trade.

All the features mentioned above, and others such as social trading, technical indicators and on-chain analytics, are available by purchasing a monthly subscription using D2T tokens for a fraction of the price of a Glassnode Professional or Bloomberg Terminal account for example. .

Where and how to buy D2T tokens

Those who do not have a crypto wallet funded, they can buy ETH with a debit or credit card directly Dash 2 Trading Site.

Mobile users are best served by using Trust Wallet and navigating to the presale page via the built-in Trust Wallet browser.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is full audited by SolidProof and this team verified by Coinsniper.


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