GBR Coin ICO Launch: Improving Oil, Gas, & Real Estate

GBR Coin ICO Launch: Improving Oil, Gas, & Real Estate

GBR Coin features a 2022 roadmap on its website, as well as the whitepaper featuring the goals for the real estate and investment firm in Q4 of 2022. The objectives include an Initial Coin Offering, most predicted to be launched in the third week of September, onboarding more NFT & Metaverse experts, and becoming a title sponsor for the World Blockchain Summit 2022 being hosted in Dubai this year.

The initial coin offering for GBR Coin aims to increase the adoption rate of the GBR token. The GBR COIN, built on the Polygon blockchain, is looking to onboard 10,000 companies to the ecosystem and have them use GBR as a payment method by 2024.

GBR Coin is looking to solve challenges from 3 key industries – Gas, Oil, and Real Estate.

Currently, producing crude oil and refined products at lower costs to stay competitive is one of the biggest challenges for the oil and gas industry. Simultaneously, maintaining operational licenses amidst constantly-evolving stringent environmental standards is a difficult task that the GBR firm plans to resolve.

When it comes to the Real Estate Industry, lack of transparency between two parties partnered in a contract, improper record keeping, and extremely slow and unsecured transactions cause a ripple in the growth of the real estate sector.

And the blockchain-based Real Estate & Investment firm expects to battle these problems through its GBR COIN token.

Polygon MATIC-based GBR platform enables lightning-fast transactions and next-to-nothing fees. GBR aims to become a community-driven project, an all-encompassing ecosystem that allows users to access a wide range of cryptocurrency & blockchain solutions on one platform.

The Ethereum-compatible GBR Platform can be connected to other blockchain networks, enhancing the flexibility, scalability, and sovereignty of any blockchain project. Meanwhile, providing access to interoperability, security, modern staking-based network governance, and shorter transaction time.





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