Gifts for the ICO Promotion Lover in Your Life

Gifts for the ICO Promotion Lover in Your Life

What better way to celebrate your ICO promotion love than with a little bit of crypto-themed jingle from this blog post! This is going to be the one gift that you will have forever.

If you are looking for a cool and innovative way to show someone in your life how much they mean to you, then these gifts are perfect for them! Who doesn’t want the chance at some free BTC or ETH for business promotion?

So without further ado, here are some options for the crypto-loving person in your life: 

1. Coin Toss Coin Toss Coin Toss Coin Toss Coin…

How to Play: First, someone must come up with a sentence where the last word is “Coin”. If you can do that, then you win that coin. If not, I’ll do it for you.  Next, everyone else will write down a sentence where the last word is “Coin”. Whoever said the first is going to be the last one to write then collects all of their blank pieces and places them into a coin-square.

The Process: When I’m done collecting all of my blank pieces and my opponent’s pieces as well, then I’ll clear my throat and read out some of our favorite sentences from this blog post. Everyone will start writing down their own sentences but I recommend that you follow my example, even though mine are more attention-grabbing!

The Winner: The sentence with the most defined Coin words in it, wins! 

2. Coin-A-Thon Coin Toss Coin Toss Coin Toss Coin…

How to Play: Pick a coin from the list below. You must write five sentences based on this coin. The first person to do that and post those five sentences is the winner.

The Process: First, we’ll pick a coin:

  1. How to get your ICO listed on
  2. The value of your ICO = $100m
  3. Your ICO is listed on
  4. Your coin price has gone up 1000% in the last 10 minutes
  5. Adoption rate is 7% of the total users (Another word for this is “percentage”)
  6. “Total number of users” + “adoption rate” = “Metric Value” (another word for this is…well, you get the point)

The Winner: The one who can complete this list the fastest!

3. Write Down a Bunch of Sentences That End With the Word a “Coin”

How to Play: The winner is the person that writes down the most sentences where the last word is “Coin”. They will win a coin for each sentence that they write down.  If you’re not fast enough, I’ll just do it for you, since I’m fast and all. BTW, these are all from blog posts from this site already. Guest posting sites are here.

The Process: 

  1. Come up with a sentence that ends with the word “Coin”. 
  2. Post your sentence as a comment on this blog post. 
  3. Write down five sentences that end with the same word and post them as a comment on this blog post. 
  4. Whoever wrote down the most sentences will win!

The Winner: Guess who it was?

4. Write to FreeBitcoins .com and make a post about any of your crypto project’s upcoming ICO.

How to Play: Simply write a post to their website where you’re posting your ICO information. They’ll reward you with some free BTC or ETH automatically! It’s that easy for manual outreach

The Process: 

  1. Write a post about your ICO and make it public for people to see. 
  2. Receive up to 200k satoshi (0,00002 BTC) worth of free mining power in your account so you can mine in the pool while they generate free coins! 
  3. The more coins you mine and the longer your post is up on their website, the more free coins you can earn! 
  4. Don’t forget to include your ICO details in the post!

The Winner: Whoever wrote to the fastest and most detailed post.

Bonus: Make a Bitcoin Wallet with an animated picture of yourself.

How to Play: Yourself. 

The Process: Grab an image from Google Images of yourself (you can find a lot there!). You may have to edit it a little, or just turn all of your images into GIFs. Then, grab some music from YouTube that makes sense for the picture. For example, if you’re making a wallet with a weird picture of you riding a unicorn, the music should be a lot like “Rainbows Are Pretty Unicorns” by Owl City. Then, just go to and make an account and download the script below. Make sure that your new Gif is as big as possible. Then upload all of the GIFs, music and text files into a folder on your computer (right click->save as). Now, go to YourGifBox on GifsOnSimplenote and select the “LONGEST” option. Now, copy the link and you’re all set!


Well, that’s all there is to it! It really doesn’t get much easier than this, so head over to one of the above websites and just do it! Also, make sure that you build your ICO as unique as possible. I mean, you should always strive for greatness with your ICO promotion and definitely crypto igaming. There is no better way to show someone how much you care about them than by getting them a gift that displays your skills and knowledge in ICO promotion. I hope this helped! 

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