Hempacco Partner With Rick Ross for Hemp-Hop Smokes, Plans New Crypto ICO

Hempacco Partner With Rick Ross for Hemp-Hop Smokes, Plans New Crypto ICO

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A rapper who is a business tycoon Rick Ross has teamed up with Hempacco Co Inc to launch the Hemp Hop Smokables brand.

With the CEO of Rap Snacks Inc. James Lindsay joined him as founder, Rick Ross entered the $1 trillion hemp industry. Hemp Hop will offer hemp cigarettes, smoking papers and other alternatives to nicotine. The effort could provide a new theme song for Hip-Hop’s biggest leader, Rich Live Forever.

Establish Hemp Hop

Co-founder and marketing officer Hempacco Jorge Olsen announced the partnership at Ross’ Boss Up Conference which took place 17-19. September.

“We are ready to begin offering our Hemp Hop Hemp Cigarettes to wholesale distributors,” Olson said.

“With Rick Ross and James Lindsay leading sales, distribution and marketing, it will be a great consumer experience for consumers.”

Ross took to Instagram on September 22 to announce the alliance between the powerhouses of the hemp industry.

“This Hemp Hop is here,” Ross said. “This [is] game combination right here – something [that is] some of the best and healthiest rollups.

James Lindsay is also in the mix. Lindsay–CEO of the wildly successful Rap Snacks–has a proven track record of collaborating with the biggest names in the rap industry such as Migos, Cardi B and Lil Boosie. Lindsay is a wholesale distribution veteran who has added Rick Ross to his resume.

“It’s fantastic to team up with partner Rick Ross to mentor Black entrepreneurs who want to scale their business and be a mentor to a new generation of business leaders,” said Lindsay. “Sculpting and participating in the success of others is one of my passions.”

Hempacco, Hemp Hop Partnership

At Hemp Hop Smokables brand and Hempacco agreed to a 50/50 joint venture. The new line plans to offer a variety of products such as Hemp Hop wraps, CBD smokables and Delta 8 smoke.

Hempacco’s trademark phrase is “Disrupting Tobacco,” and together, they are focused on “developing, manufacturing and marketing a great line for consumers of functional CBD hemp cigarettes and hemp rolling papers.”

But Hempacco’s ambitions didn’t start–and don’t end–with Rick Ross

Hempacco plans to launch New Crypto

The San Diego-based cannabis brand has shown that it is serious about accelerating its commercial growth.

Until this year, Hempacco’s success did not escape the Southern California region. But it is no more.

Hempacco commissioned to produce 250,000 packs of hemp CBD 20 cigarettes for the Ace & Axle brand in June 2021. In January 2022, they joined the Cheech and Chong Cannabis Company.

Hempacco Co. raising $6 million in August 2022 with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to finance further distribution nationwide. And now it’s a partnership with the biggest boss of the Wingstop franchise, Rick Ross.

Next on Hempacco’s to-do list is releasing a cryptocurrency, according to Crypto Coin Opps.

“We will soon accept crypto in our store and be able to create our own crypto,” said Jorge Olsen. “It’s more of a club style than a currency for trading.”

It is not confirmed but the company executive said that the accepted cryptocurrencies will include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Solana, LiteCoin and DOGE.

The launch of ICO or IDO for Hempacco cryptocurrency will also happen and will be announced before the end of the year.

“We recommend that the launch of a new legitimate cryptocurrency ICO or IDO by Hempacco is one to watch,” according to Crypto Coin Opps. “The investment can generate a 10x return [a] quite a short period of time because Hemp product companies have all the tools they need to build brand popularity and use their own tokens.

This is not surprising given the decline in tobacco use in the United States—along with the rapid rise in use of CBD, marijuana, and hemp.

Hempacco is currently traded on the S&P 500 stock market and is one of two San Diego-based companies to successfully launch an IPO in 2022.

In short, as Rick Ross said on Instagram, “It’s about doing something that lasts… it’s history.”


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