IMPT Raises $1m in 24 Hours - Last Chance to Invest as Biggest ICO of the Year Ends this Week -

IMPT Raises $1m in 24 Hours – Last Chance to Invest as Biggest ICO of the Year Ends this Week –

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2022’s greenest crypto, IMPT, is now in the last stretch of its presale, and it has raised $1 million in 24 hours. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines till now, you better step on it and go to the official website. Grab it before the presale ends so you don’t miss out on the 20x gains it is highly likely to make in 2023.

IMPT Presale Has been a Resounding Success From Day 1

IMPT is not “just” another presale — it had strong fundamentals backing it from day 1. Designed to make making green decisions appealing to the general public, IMPT makes carbon credit trading more inclusive.

The lack of oversight on carbon credits trading has made the carbon credit economy vulnerable to issues like double selling. Part of why this issue exists is because, for a long time, large corporations have had an almost hegemonic level of control over the carbon offsetting market.

IMPT fixes that by making ordinary traders part of this equation. At the center of its ecosystem lies an online marketplace that hosts eco-friendly products from over 10,000 ESG brands, including Amazon, Microsoft,, and Samsung.

People who buy these products through IMPT earn IMPT tokens in return. Accumulating enough IMPT tokens will allow customers to swap them for tokenized carbon credits (Carbon Credits as NFTs). They can then decide to put these NFTs on the marketplace for the brands to buy or retire them. Selling these non-fungible tokens on the marketplace will allow customers to make monetary gains while retiring those will get them NFT artworks.

This bidirectional approach- one that benefits both the brands and traders- is one of the project’s many unique selling points, leading IMPT to become one of the biggest presale success stories this year.

IMPT Presale Heading Ahead of Time

The rapid success of this presale signals how much the cryptocurrency crowd is interested in this project. It has led the founders to end the presale ahead of time.

However, that is not the only reason since the founders have come out and put it in clear words that the FTX-triggered market uncertainty is another factor behind pushing IMPT to the exchange early.

“The FTX crash has created a volatile reaction that has deeply unsettled the market. We are witnessing an aggressive bear market that is also not sustainable.” — IMPT CEO posted on Discord.

So what about the tokens that remain on the presale? After 11th December, the team will burn the remaining tokens of this stage and vest the tokens of the last stage for a year.

But investors don’t need to worry as the vesting period of 12 months is only for the team. Also, having the tokens vested creates two positive conditions for the buyers.

Reduction of Sell Pressure

The vested tokens will limit the number of tokens in circulation, creating scarcity for a limited period and deterring any selling pressure. These factors will have a compounding effect on the token’s price and increase its value in days to come.

Less Chance of Pump and Dump

IMPT founders have made a great move to leave out investors from vesting (locking) their tokens. According to the official Discord, the developers plan to use the vested tokens for the development of Use Case 3 of the project by 2024.

IMPT Listing To Yield 10% Profit For the Early Movers

Those who can grab the tokens within the next three days will make a definite 10% gain once IMPT lets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. That is, the founders have set the listing price for IMPT at $0.0253 — 10% more than it is on the presale.

Uniswap, LBank, and Changelly have confirmed the listing for 14th December, but the founders say that IMPT will land on 7 more cryptocurrency exchanges by the end of 2023. However, the founders have kept the names of those exchanges confidential for now.

IMPT Raises Upwards of $16 million

At the time of writing, IMPT has raised upwards of $16 million, which is a great feat for a token that has been on presale for less than two months.

So, if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines for a cryptocurrency with definite upsides, you better go to and grab the presale before 11th December.

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