New ICO Oryen Network Already 2X For Early Buyers, Don’t Miss The ‘Solana Moment’ It Will Have Like Tamadoge

New ICO Oryen Network Already 2X For Early Buyers, Don’t Miss The ‘Solana Moment’ It Will Have Like Tamadoge

This time last year, Solana had a massive moment. It surged in price from around $28 per token to $250 in just a couple of months. Investors were attracted to the range of features SOL offers in the crypto world, and it enjoyed one of the most remarkable rises to glory the crypto scene has ever seen. While many cryptos flourished back then, it was one of the break-out stars and the most widespread cryptocurrency story for some time.

Experts think that early mover ORY has the strength to pull off a similar feat. It’s already doubled the money of early buyers in its presale and before an official ICO. This is even more remarkable as a performance when you consider how the wider crypto market is still struggling. It simply isn’t as easy to make those gains in the current climate as it was when SOL mooned. If you don’t want to miss the next Solana moment, now might be the perfect time to invest.

Oryen Network (ORY) is gearing up for massive gains

ORY has already made early investors a ton of money, but it’s still got new heights to reach as it makes its journey to the moon. That’s why crypto experts like Steven Clarke recommend it strongly for your portfolio. Hype is certainly growing around ORY, and there’s still time to invest at discount prices before its official launch.

Oryen packs a punch. That’s because it doesn’t just offer long-term price growth potential—it’s got the easiest passive income yields in the space, offering the highest APY ever seen. This isn’t an asset you just sit on and hope it goes up in price—it’s an asset that pays out real passive income every hour thanks to the network’s revolutionary Oryen Autostaking Technic. It’s the perfect time to buy, so it’s worth checking out if you don’t want to miss the next big Solana moment.

Solana (SOL) still shows potential despite falling back from lofty heights

Since achieving stratospheric gains last year, Solana has struggled somewhat. But it’s still up compared to the prices very early investors paid, and it still has strong potential as one of the primary development ecosystems in crypto. Especially when you consider that SOL’s fast and scalable development ecosystem is also completely eco-friendly. There’s still an upside with SOL, but you might be better off investing in a token like ORY, which hasn’t had its skyrocket moment yet.

Tamadoge (TAMA) could also have strong potential

While experts don’t think TAMA has quite the credentials to pull off a SOL moment like ORY can, it’s still got strong upside potential for the coming months. With its unique play-to-earn platform and a fun-harnessing ethos that allows users to create and play with their own virtual NFT pets in the metaverse, it also has strong mainstream appeal. It could be a good option if you need a backup and some diversification alongside your ORY investments.


ORY has the chance to break out and achieve similar gains as SOL a year ago. It sits alongside TAMA as one of the best investment opportunities for the next few months, so consider getting involved as soon as you can.

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