Oryen 110% Gains in its ICO Makes it the Ultimate Competitor to Big Eyes, BNB and Pancakeswap

In tokenomics, ICO – Initial Coin Offering gives an “origin story” of how much a project native token or currency will go for when available to the public. A lot can be picked from the concept of ICO, as analysts, investors, and spectators try to make sense of the project’s potential over time, which is the whole point of investment. After all, the value of anything starts from somewhere.

Oryen’s ICO knocked out competitors like Big Eyes (BIG), BNB, and Pancakeswap (CAKE) as it witnessed astonishing results from its first presale phase. The results of the presale achieved 110% gains, with the price of the ORY token growing from $0.05 (Price Phase 1 – Concluded) to $0.10 (Price Phase 2 – Ongoing). Oryen positive stats have put them in the spotlight of DeFi markets, and without a doubt, other crypto projects are paying attention.

This sentiment is also shared among crypto communities, business platforms, and retail investors, as they believe Oryen to be one of the best defi coins in 2022.

Oryen recent gains: Due to Unique features

Through Oryen’s special auto-staking mechanism (OAT – Oryen Autostaking Technic), it offers the best possible option for generating passive income and accumulating fixed yield, which is unheard of in the crypto world. The Oryen Network offers the highest fixed yield of 90% APY on the ORY tokens. In fact, it is a massive objective to accomplish. Nonetheless, the project is offering just that.

Oryen focuses on these objectives: changing how investors stake and providing compensations in rebase rewards for ORY tokens holders. A daily rebase reward of 0.177% every 60 minutes is directly sent to ORY token holders via their wallets.

Moreover, ORY is a rebase token with an elastic supply. Basically, a rebase token is designed so that the initial token supply in circulation increases or decreases automatically according to the token’s price. Oryens’ Initial supply is currently at – 40 million. The more demand for ORY tokens, the bigger the supply gets. Oryen then uses a positive rebase formula to keep the ‘supply house’ going.


Oryen Network is currently in phase 2 of 3 ICO, with mere days to conclude. With the turn of events from its first ICO, one can agree that it has the potential to grow and outpace the competition in the crypto space.

Find out more here:

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io

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