Oryen ICO Buyers Rejoicing Their 110% Profits, Meanwhile Big Eyes and DOGE Looking for Alternatives

Oryen ICO Buyers Rejoicing Their 110% Profits, Meanwhile Big Eyes and DOGE Looking for Alternatives

In the world of cryptocurrency, investors have many opportunities to earn a profit. One of the most popular ways to make money is through ICOs. These initial coin offerings have been around since 2013, and they’ve become increasingly popular over time.

However, many investors have found that they can’t rely on the same strategies that have worked in the past. While some ICOs like DOGE and Big Eyes still do well, others have fallen flat or even collapsed entirely. This means fewer options available for making money through ICOs than ever before.

But there’s good news! There’s one new ICO that’s taking off like wildfire: Oryen. This company is offering something unique. It’s not just another crypto token or blockchain platform. As Jim Crypto explains in a video, Oryen offers a massive opportunity to be early on a solid cryptocurrency.

Oryen Gains 110% During ICO Phase

Oryen has stamped its imprint into the DeFi world by living up to its promises. The decentralized staking platform provided its investors significant gains after its native token ORY shot up 110% a month after the ICO commenced.

In what is likely to be a record-breaking presale, Oryen has achieved this milestone in just one month and is set to continue rising as it grows through more partnerships and exposure.

Oryen’s Treasury is a powerful feature that provides stability to the Oryen platform, even during extreme price drops. The Treasury serves as an additional financial support system to maintain the base price of ORY tokens and guarantee yield payouts in times of extreme price drop.

In addition to the Treasury, Oryen also features its 0.177% daily, 90% annual percentage yield (APY). It has been heralded as a safe investment by many in the community, and several investors have already made profits of 110% on their initial investment.

What Happens to Big Eyes and DOGE?

This could be why many are skeptical about the future of Big Eyes and DOGE tokens, which have been hit hard by the recent bear market. However, despite the dire short-term outlook, analysts speculate that Big Eyes and DOGE could be ready long-term for another bull run.

While there is no way to tell whether this will happen, many investors are taking advantage of this opportunity by buying up the high-soaring Oryen. The third presale phase is currently open for ICO investors.

Final Takeaway

A big number of traders have started paying attention to Oryen and taking part in the ICO. Oryen created a stable ground for its trades during the previous periods, showing that it is completely transparent to token holders. There is no doubt that other phases will soon follow, with more price increases.

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Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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