Pong Heroes’ ICO, PONG, is trending. Why’s that? - Forex Industry

Pong Heroes’ ICO, PONG, is trending. Why’s that? – Forex Industry

Pong Heroes is a new innovative platform that offers interesting gameplay with advanced features and beautiful graphics; it also has a promising ICO. The team wanted to develop a unique game that would attract a wide range of players. Consequently, Pong is a fast-paced, hyper-casual, Free2Play, Win2Earn, and skill-driven competitive multiplayer game. It aims to achieve real sustainability in the web3 gaming space.

The creators released the initial Pong game in 1972. Originally, it was named Ping-Pong, with roots coming from England. However, the team decided to reincarnate this popular game in Web 3.0 and offer its players a whole new experience. After all, when it first saw daylight, the internet wasn’t even introduced yet.

PONG Heroes will bring back that famous first game on the Binance Smart Chain, adding a twist of PVP, NFTs, and much more. Among the team members are many crypto veterans, and they all have a common goal: to create a game that will be one of its kind. They also want to establish a foothold in the P2E market. Considering that the latter is still in the development phase, now is a good time to cut out their niche.

The company identified several serious problems in the GameFi space through extensive market research. For example, investment ecosystems often present significant risks due to unproven and untrustworthy teams; many games lack quality, while their developers have a poor understanding of the gaming audience’s needs and want. And let’s not forget about unreasonable barriers to entry that often put excessive strain on players. While many platforms claim to offer decentralized networks, they fail to deliver them. Even centralized ones sometimes leave much to be desired in terms of centralization.

What is PONG Heroes’ solution to these problems? 

The PONG Heroes team decided to offer a platform that wouldn’t suffer from any of the above-listed problems. It will use a dual-layer model to operate its website. Moreover, the team will create a self-sustainable in-game economy that will work independently of the tokenomic model. Thus, it will provide a symbiotic level of support.

Furthermore, the majority of the team members have worked on various successful projects that have supportive communities. They have already proved themselves and strive to achieve even more success. The company designed this game carefully, ensuring that it would be immersive and enjoyable for players. The team incorporated new game mechanics and gameplay features. The latter were designed according to the gamer’s wants and preferences identified in the research.

PONG Heroes offers no barrier to entry. Besides, it introduced an economic model that differentiates gamers and traders. Thanks to this model, the platform will promote revenue volume. The company aims to employ various in-game and social media strategies to attract players of all backgrounds together. It will create a fun and interactive environment to incentivize them and ensure the platform’s long-term usability.

The team stated that PONG Heroes is currently in the alpha stage. The company will improve all functions and implementations over time. It plans to continue the game’s development in the future, gradually adding new exciting features and making the plot even more interesting.

What about the platform’s native token? 

PONG Heroes launched its ICO on February 27, 2023. PONG ICO is quite high-ranking on various listing platforms. Its total supply is 100,000,000, but the company offers only some percentage for purchase at this stage.

However, users will be able to start playing this game without paying any fees. It’s free. They don’t need to invest in any tokens to gain access to the game. Anyone will have the chance to become part of its community. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to earn tokens, like XP.

Players won’t need Web3 Wallet to start playing initially. This game is available for web2 users, as well. But if they prefer to move on to this new technology and use its advantages, they are welcome to try. The company aims to encourage users to that end. Still, it aims to become the first web3 gaming platform that will attract web2 users, as well.

Gamers will also be able to purchase the $BYTES token (which is off-chain) through the company’s in-game app directly with their FIAT bank account. These tokens will give them various advantages. The PONG Heroes will be available on both mobile and PC.

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