Stepn, Solana, and IMPT Holders Reevaluating Their Portfolios After Oryen ICO Gained +100%

Stepn, Solana, and IMPT Holders Reevaluating Their Portfolios After Oryen ICO Gained +100%

The crypto space is constantly changing, and innovations in Defi always happen. The Oryen network is setting new standards for what can be achieved with a new protocol. The current 100% increase above the listing price is just one more sign of how fast it is moving forward. It’s already blasting ahead of established giants like IMPT, Solana, and Stepn.

Everyone wants a piece of this pie right now!

Why Oryen is Unique and a Better Investment Choice

Oryen is unique because it offers the greatest steady returns in the cryptocurrency space by leveraging compound interest. Because of its small market cap, it’s also prone to significant gains like those we’ve seen recently.

Also, with its risk-free Value wallet and Oryen Autostaking Technic OAT Mechanism (which simplifies the staking process), it’s easy to see why so many investors are flocking to this coin right now.

Additionally, its fixed annual percentage yield (APY) of 90% or 0.177% daily is attractive to investors looking for high returns but don’t want to deal with the cryptocurrency market’s volatility.

According to Business2Community, this newly launched ICO is selling out more quickly than anticipated. A great number of Reddit investors are utilizing the 10% early-backer bonus. Let’s look at Stepn, Solana, and IMPT and how Oryen might lure in more of their investors in the upcoming months.

Can Stepn, Solana, and IMPT Compete?

Since its launch in 2021, STEPN (GMT) has had a successful run. It’s not just a crypto: The Game-fi elements of STEPN motivate users to lead healthier lifestyles and address climate change while earning tokens. In addition, the Game-fi aspect also focuses on bringing more people into the web3 community. However, it’s not easy to get your return on investment.

Solana, on the other hand, was one of the key players in the 2021 bull market. It offered a high level of scalability, and many investors switched to the quick Solana network. However, it faces some challenges due to its success, and achieving significant growth with such a vast market cap will be challenging.

Finally, IMPT launched the first phase of its presale and raised $4 million in 10 days. However, it needs to watch out for Oryen. This crypto project offers solutions to climate change issues by allowing users to acquire IMPT tokens that can convert to carbon credits.

Bottom Line

Stepn, Solana, and IMPT are all good investment options, but the recent downturn has affected them significantly. However, while being in its presale to raise development funding, ORY drastically increased the price for early investors. This may be a sure indication that a significant upward movement is about to occur.

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