Which are the main ICO listing websites out there?

Which are the main ICO listing websites out there?

A company seeking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service can launch an ICO to raise funds. Simply put, ICO is a practice of financing/funding blockchain projects, where a cryptocurrency/token is offered to early investors, before being listed in the broader marketplace, such as exchanges. An ICO-List is a website used for navigating various ICOs.On this site, you can find a list of different ICOs that are ongoing/active, starting soon, or already ended (that you can look over to find new coins.)

The difference between profitability and losing money is extremely narrow, so navigation via credible sites is important. Here are some of the leading ICO listing websites:

1. Top ICO List

Not only do they provide the best service available, but also regularly update their website. The distinguishing factor about this ICO listing website is that it deploys strict quality guidelines which every ICO that wishes to be listed must pass through. . Top ICO List collects all the quality Active, Pre & Upcoming ICOs. 

They come up with their own ICO listings calendar which is very informative. The top ICO analysts review and grade all the showcased ICOs

2.ICO Bench

It’s a free ICO rating platform having one of the largest collections of ICOs available online. This website has manifested itself as a sort of blockchain community. Anyone can also apply to their site to become an ICO expert which lends an authentic touch to their ratings. They also help you plan your ICO launch with the necessary support at each stage of your ICO launch. Making ICO Bench a good site to list your ICO. This website has a bot (Benchy) that is continually monitoring and ranking ICOs in coordination with the consultants. Moreover, for the ICOs listed on ICObench, their crypto-lawyers give free quick authorised evaluations.

3.ICO Alert

It is an ICO Discovery Platform, registered on March 31, 2017, that claims itself the leader of ICO content and consultation. Besides ICOs, the website also covers other ancillary topics such as token sales, crowd sales, token generation events, ICO stats, etc.

ICO Alert maintains a base of a million unique users and has dispatched virtually half of 1,000,000 ICO Alert emails to inform customers when a new ICO goes live.

Also, the website features the ICO Alert Podcast which is an hour-long weekly show. This space features exclusive interviews with the big names of the crypto world. 

CoinSchedule was founded in 2016 by Alex Buelau.

This website aims to help users find the most covenant ICOs easily. It stands as a standard bookmarking resource. They list dates related to ICOs, crowdfunding information, necessary milestones, and conferences. They draw relevant information/data from different sources, such as the official website of every coin, boards, slack chats, newsletters, and others. They then combine everything in a simplistic, easy-to-digest format.

However, CoinSchedule in the past has been engulfed in controversy. On July 14, 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission stated that CoinSchedule, (one of the leading ICO “Listing” Websites) will be charged With Unlawfully Touting Digital Asset Securities.

5. ICO Watchlist

As far as we know, Joe Tusin is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of ICO Watchlist. It’s a leading token listing platform that hosts genuinely valid cryptocurrency tokens and ICO. It helps investors choose better by providing them authentic databases concerning these ICOs.

They also offer assistance to entrepreneurs interested in blockchain and pursuing financial capital.

6.ICO Rating

What sets apart ICO Rating website from the other listing sites is that it conducts and issues its own independent analytical research. It heavily evaluates ICO projects and assigns them ratings accordingly. 

ICO Rating understands the unreliable nature of investment when it comes to ICOs. It’s a high-risk industry that is not fully regulated. Hence, they aim to develop clear assessment standards for projects and assign ratings based on a transparent and standardised scale. They do an unbiased analysis of a project and highlight the technical features of the ICO launch platform, its business model, its team overview, strengths and weaknesses of the decentralised infrastructure, etc. It allows the users to objectively evaluate risks and get a complete picture of the project and its potential. 

7.ICO Drops

ICO Drops is an independent ICO (Token Sale) database, not affiliated with any ICO project or company. There are usually three parameters of evaluation when it comes to ratings i.e. hype rate, ROI(return on investment), and rate risk rate. Based on these parameters they rate the interest of the ICOs from neutral to very high. Their major attraction is also their simplistic way of presenting relevant information.

 On this website, you can also observe how much each ICO has raised so far in their funding process which is demonstrated both in percentage (%) and in absolute dollar amounts. ICO Drops also let you know how far is the ICO, from reaching its hard cap. 

8.ICO Calendar

ICOCalendar is owned by W-MKT.com, a global leader in the digital marketing field, and is a part of the ICOBay Group. W-MKT’s inception was in 2008. One of the major driving forces behind its creation was the growing need for digital marketing solutions for startups and small & medium enterprises.

This website employs a team of over 25 consultants in 3 countries and across two continents – North America and Europe. They have helped over 2000 crowdfunding project owners to raise millions of dollars. They give valuable input to blockchain enthusiasts. Their marketing efforts have generated an established reputable name within the crypto industry. They lend immense help to journalists/ entrepreneurs to raise awareness via articles in magazines and news sites like WSJ, Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, NYTimes, FastCompany, and many many more. 

With the host of new investment opportunities popping up, fraudulent ICOs and sketchy coins and tokens also escalate in number. Searching and relying on safe database networks/websites might help reduce these scams and frauds. Before investing we advise you to look for outside sources to verify the legitimacy of any project and conduct your due diligence.

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